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March 16-19, 2023
March 23-26, 2023

June 15-18, 2023
June 22-25, 2023

Sept 14-17,2023
Sept 21-24, 2023

Dec 7-10, 2023
Dec 14-17, 2023

Visit our Current Production and Special Events pages for more performances

Current Board of Directors
Devin Arnold - President
Misty Tuccio - Executive Vice-President
Bo Allen - Vice President of Productions
Paul Leake - Treasurer
Amy Kingsafer - Secretary
Stacey Carden
Peirce Beach
Ellen Simmons
Courtney Fleming
Chris Borum

Advisory Board

Judy Wiggins - AB Liaison

Becky Martin Anderson

Nicole Harris

Laci Arnold

Dr. Charles "Chuck" Borum

Jon Borum

Sara Davis

Devonte Demby

Becca Gaudin

Susannah Byrne Heatherly

Melinda Martello Laird

Sharon Leake

Terrence Robinson

Rachel Simmons

Scarlette Leake

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